Pasang & Dechen

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Like every single and normal day, Pasang (5) and Dechen (3) were playing outside in an open land with other kids on 25th April when whole Nepal started to shake. The two little girls were in Kyanjin Gompa, a village 2 hours further from Langtang with their mother Chunzo(29) and little sister Pemba(1). Unfortunately their dad Chime(29) was in Langtang village where the entire village was washed away by avalanche. The girls explained me that they were excited to feel how the earth could move. So they took the earthquake as a game and they didn´t move from their places until the earth stopped to move. But their mother kept the little girl(Pemba) in an open ground and ran towards Pasang and Dechen while earth was still in motion. She injured her backbone and she couldn´t move.



After few minutes, very strong wind started to blow in Kyanzin. It was the reflection of avalanche which was taking place in Langtang. The houses in Kyanjin started to breakdown, the roofs of the houses along with all the materials started to fly in the sky. And the whole village was covered by dark snow. But luckily by this time the kids were taken by one man to a safer place. When everything calmed little, Chumzo was also helped by other villagers and taken to the place where her two kids were. But the youngest child was not in the place she was left. Chumzo started to panic but was helpless because she couldn´t move and look for her kid. After half an hour one woman from the village came with little Pemba in her arms. The kid was carried away by the strong wind and was thrown in the field. She was crying while the woman crossed her and listened.


Sadly and painfully Chumzo, three kids and other villagers were waiting for the rescue. They thought that Langtang village was fine. Chumzo realized Langtang was affected because her husband didn´t come to look for his kids. She knew that if he was alive he would have come anyway to Kyanjin for the family.After 3 days Chumzo was rescued with her youngest kid to Kathmandu. She was still breastfeeding her kid. Pasang and Dechen were left in Kyanjin because Chumzo couldn´t take care of them in Kathmandu. Before her flight, the kids were told to be strong, not to cry if not they will not get food and wait till her return to Kyanjin. The girls did exactly what their mum had told them. They didn´t even cry for a second. They followed the villagers. They ate what they were given, they slept outside where they were told to stay. The kids also told me tha,t there were days that they missed their mum and the younger sister. They also hoped for the return of their father. They didn´t knew that he had already left them. One woman told them the fact of their father but they never believed her and still don´t believe. They says that their father told them he will return by evening the morning he headed to Langtang. So every evening they waited.


LANGTANG, MAY 6 (UNI):- IAF helicopters pressed into service to rescue earthquake hit people from Langtang in Nepal on Wednesday. UNI PHOTO-19U 11152335_10204253481962783_1870378010163114811_n

Kyanjin is a very cold place because it lies in the altitude of more the 4500m. The kids were there in the cold without proper food, shelter, snow and suffering for more than 3 weeks. They didn´t understand why all the elder people panicked and cried. They also didn´t understand why they were given mineral water to drink if it was to sell to the tourists. The kids of 4 and 5 years old had to be an adult with lots of twists in their head just in a matter of second. They had to protect themselves without their parents. They did it and the elder one protected the younger.




After 3 weeks they were taken to Kathmandu. They met their younger sister and the mother after a long time. They were really happy. Chumzo was very happy and at the same time emotionally broken to think about the reality that her kids were semi orphan and she is helpless. Still Chumzo can´t move and doctors are studying her case. But little happiness to this family is that they are together and kids started to play and become child again.



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