Advancing with the reconstruction of Langtang

During this rainy season the Langtang people worked hard together with NGO,s and other associations to prepare a reconstruction plan for Langtang.
The main problem remains that the government has not allocated new lands to rebuild the village. Villagers must wait until the end of the monsoon to give them a place, because the government requires more studies on the potential risks in the area. Representatives Committe of Langtang must will go Dunche again (the district capital where they decide) to further discuss possibilities and to allocate them a safe place.
At least the government has officially reopened the region and is committed to reopen the Langtang National Park trails most soon as possible. You can see it in the previous post “On returning to my hometown Langtang.”
About 80 villagers are now living in the mountains and have started with the recovery work of roads and cleaning the area.




Here you can see chronological organization’s work in recent months to rebuild Langtang:
26 August 2015- Housing project (OptionA & B). Study & costs.
25 August 2015- Housing Project Presentation by Solidarité Langtang.
20 August 2015- Work Agenda 3: Mules and horses charging, storage of materials, training courses, …
13 August 2015- Work Agenda 2: charges and current accounts.
6 August 2015- Presentation work agenda 1 and organization chart.
6 August 2015- New meeting to advance the rehabilitation of Langtang.
15 July 2015- Rehabilitating trails to Langtang.
3 July 2015- Unifying and coordinating efforts to reconstruct Langtang.
16 June 2015- First draft for the rehabilitation of Langtang and requests.
4 June 2015- Recover acces to Langtang.


Infinite gratitude to all those NGO,s and individuals who are helping us to get this project of reconstruction and many other important projects for the recovery of Langtang and its people.


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