Avenues Television (ATV) with langtang people

Avenues Television (ATV) Nepal was in the Phuntsok Choeling Monastery (Yellow Gumba) at Swayambhu where 488 villagers from Langtang are taking temporary shelter. The earthquake-triggered avalanche wiped out the entire village killing 175, leaving hundreds missing.
The news clearly shows the current condition of the survivors in the monastery. The villagers wants to go back as soon as possible. They are not used to with the warm temperature. They have always lived in the mountain. So many complains that the summer in Kathmandu and mosquitos at night is just horrible. And many expresses their desire to return langtang and start a normal life again. Many says that Langtang is their identity. They are scared that their identity might vanish.
The elderly people and kids have never been to Kathmandu, so it is a challenge for them to be there. Many people thinks of their animals and the fields. They are desperate to go back. They are also requesting the government for maximun help to reconstruct the village and relocate them.
These people also want to find the bodies of their loved ones who are still missing.



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