Charity concert in Gerona

On Friday, July 24 we had a concert in a bar in Girona (in Spain), to raise funds for the people of Langtang. It was organized by my mother, Lourdes Soro, with the help of many people who worked voluntarily.

Now it has been 3 months since the earthquake hit Nepal and especially made the village of Langtang disappear. They still need our help so they can rebuild their village and thus have a future …

In September we are also organizing a pair of concerts in Barcelona. I hope many people can come to to enjoy the concert and help Langtang.



MUSIC FOR NEPAL by Lourdes Soro:

3 months ago, I entered to the Coffe “Un Sol Món”, near where I live. There were Cris, Afra, Rafel willing to help and they offered the place and started the party.

Mary, the daughter of my friend Francesc, I did not even had to ask, she had music in her blood. She  was with us with her group “Sant Swing Bocombo “.


Loles, Francesc´s girlfriend, along with my son and a friend, was responsible for the composition of the poster of the concert.

A COPYGIRONA, where I printed everything, I gave them too fussy. They have great patience.

In my neighborhood, many businesses did not hesitate to help with piggy banks and putting up posters in their windows.

Anyway ! The result has been fantastic, the 3 hours was unforgettable.

Along with friends, family, caring people and families of the disappeared loved ones in Langtang, we created the ambience of emotion, joy and memories.

I cannot forget Josep (firefighter with great energy and desire).

And you, Dalia, with just five years old you contributed a lot.



The big catastrophe in Nepal, is bringing back very beautiful and human stories, I found people with big hearts.
The most beautiful word for all of you, THANK YOU.

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Muchas gracias!

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