Creating the Web Langtang Disaster Relief Fund

We opened the Web to help our people in Langtang. We think this website facilitate communication between them and you. We want to be their voice, but also yours. Any suggestions on your part will be welcome, and any claim by the people of Langtang post it on this blog for anyone who wants to help can do it. Thank you very much to everyone for listening from the other side.
To Agustín Juarez- For all the work he has done to create this web page with such little time and few means. We would like to thank him for his patience and professional guidance to reproduce our ideas. It’s almost been a miracle.
To Ana Trout- For the fabulous translations for the English page.
To Pablo García Verdejas- For editing the videos. I know they were very bad quality, but he has done an incredible job, like always.
To Flickr artists- Thank you to all those photographers/trekkers of the Flickr community, because thanks to them we have been able to see the faces of all the missing people who in the past years have been the models of your photographs. They are not going to be used with commercial purposes as this is a supportive page about the people of Langtang and for the people of Langtang.
To all the tourist friends who have shared these last years with us in Langtang. We invite them to share with us their memories, both photographs and small texts or thoughts, to be able to share them on the web in honour of the missing.

And finally a special thanks to all who support this initiative and have collaborated in one way or anther.

Thank you all!

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Muchas gracias!

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