Death To Rebirth, In 49 Days Buddhist Ritual Marks The Transition, Ghyawa

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”Each moment of death gives rise to new birth’.. ‘Each transition opens new possibilities. But our own fears make us hold on and long for a past that is finished.”

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the 49th Day Ceremony is a way to ease that longing. A brief liturgy of readings and ritual offers loved ones the chance to let go. But equally important is what the ceremony means to the deceased. The 49th Day observance commemorates our loved ones  reincarnation.



The ceremony marks the end of a period called the Gyawa. The word literally means gap or in-between state. In Tibetan Buddhism, the Gyawa is the 49-day transition period between death and rebirth.

This period, is considered an opportune time for one’s ‘pure consciousness,’ which continues after death, to work toward enlightenment by confronting the wrathful and peaceful energies that are part of one’s karma. The ceremony helps give the person courage through that process.

Gyawa ceremonies typically take place in the monastries, and gathers all the people.

”We are sort of giving our loved ones hope that they will have an auspicious new life,”

During the day throughout the ceremony, we  meditate and say prayers, speak spiritually and give collective power of the group’s fearlessness as they faced rebirth.



Buddhists believe that ignorance and distorted perceptions cloud everyday life and that through discipline and devotion a person might penetrate those barriers and reach a deeper understanding of reality, known as attaining enlightenment.

So tomorrow 11th June is the 49th day ritual for the people of langtang who have left us back with their smile.  Usually it is sort of last good bye and we do celebrate like a fest to keep our loved ones happy. We believe that on this particular day the demised ones also participates with us. We believe that if we are happy they will be happy too.


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So we try to be enjoy and eat during the day. At night we dance. Early in the morning at around 4 a.m people take candles in their hand. We remember all the beautiful moment we spent with our loved ones. Lamas continues with their prayers. And yes this final good bye in the morning with meditating instrumental sound can´t stop our tears. We close our eyes and we just feel that we are embracing the one who is never going to be with us physically.



25th of April 2015 has changed our life forever. The day took our people from us. It just took everything, our beautiful langtang. We know that we are human so earlier or later we have to leave this world. But the way 25th has done to us is just cruel.

Rest in peace all the villagers and also to the visitors from other nationalities who have decided to stay in langtang forever. Langtang still is precious.



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