Desperate villagers returns Langtang before Monsoon

Around 30 villagers have returned to langtang on 30th June including women, elderly people and young men . Some people expressed their motive of returning Langtang before monsoon was that they were desperate of waiting 60 days in the refugee camp for the government or someone to relocate them.

They decided to go back and start with the process of making the ways to get to langtang and also shelters for their Yaks (mountain animals). They were very worried that they might loose their identity and their home land if they wait for the monsoon to end. Although government have prohibited them to go to langtang some women says that, many people have seen what has happened to Langtang,many knows that it is dangerous and might think that we are silly to risk our lives. But our heart burns everyday. We feel helpless in Kathmandu, we can do nothing here. We can’t even cross the road. Everyday is a challenge for us. We have 24 hours a day to think of many good and bad things. Our loved ones who whom we have left in Langtang forever now calls us. We can´t just close our eyes and spread our hands waiting that someone might find a solution for us.

We need to do something after 2 months of waiting.


We are conscious that what we are doing might not be correct. But at the same time we don´t know the correct way either. We are very worried that government might decide that Langtang is a national park and it is inhabitable or it is a risky place for the travellers and might relocate us to one different Zone of Nepal. So we want to start our works and make the world family feel that what has happened in langtang is just a natural disaster. We lived there for many centuries and every places has it´s history. April 25 will be a dark part of the history of langtang and that is all. Langtang will rise and we will welcome everyone ones again.

These innocent people told that they don´t have any idea where they are going to take shelter ones they are in langtang and they don´t know what they are going to eat. They says that, they might possibly go to Kyanjin and take a shelter there. And about the food they carried little food by themselves from Kathmandu. They hopes that government might provide them with one load of food by helicopter to Kyanjin.

These villagers will remove the stones and make the ways. And also try to recover the skeletons of their loved ones and embrace them. They thinks that it will ease the reconstruction after  monsoon and most of all it will heal their pain left by horrifying April 25.

They says”we are thankful that many of you are very kind to us and have participated in our grief and we have a big faith that you all will definitely help us in reconstructing Langtang. So we think that sooner we start earlier the sun will rise in Langtang”.

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