Division of land in Langtang/Dunche

Today 1st June, a group of survivors of Langtang heads towards Dunche for the legal paper works. Dunche is the district headquarter of Rasuwa district. They are going to Dunche for two reasons.

First to get permission legally to go back to Langtang for the reconstruction after monsoon (three months of rainy season). Second to get the legal registration paper of the land or number of fields every family possessed before an earthquake. In Nepal although the technology has developed still the legal processes are done manually. The files are still archived in form of paper not in computer. The division of the size of land before the reconstruction begins in Langtang for each family is very important to avoid conflict among villagers.


Each family had their own land. They have lost the legal map of their land in avalanche. So to get a copy of it they are now in Dunche. If the reconstruction starts in another place they are requesting for the same size of land they had before.

It is justificable because they have earned their land by their hard work. The houses can be of same structure or size but land it has to be different size or original size they had for each family.


Tomorrow 2nd June next group of people will go to Dunche. So these two groups will meet in Dunche and after the paper work they will try to go to Langtang by foot. They want to go creminate the bodies of their loved ones. They believe that the ice that felt down of Langtang Lirung might have melted and may be the bodies can be seen. And also some shepherd wants to take their animal to safer places.

See news in MyRepública- Langtang locals returning home to recover their dead.

Within a week they will be back to Kathmandu because there is the ceremony of 49th day after the death of someone. We call it ”Ghyawa” which means a final good bye to our loved ones.


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