Documentary premiere about Langtang in Barcelona

On Saturday December 12 in Barcelona it premiered the Kilian Jornet Documentary film about the Avalanche in Langtang. The documentary was the excuse to present a joint project with the NGO SOS HIMALAYA to rebuild our village. You can make your donation from the platform

If you could not attend and want to see this documentary, you can buy it directly in their web ( The funds will also be earmarked for the project of reconstruction of Langtang.


At the premiere it was attended by many people involved in any way with our people; people who were there on occasion, others who lost a relative in the avalanche of April 25, caring people who come to help… Among them was my sister Dechen, who recently has come to Spain and could go to the event.


She explained me what happened there very excited and kept surprised that so far from Nepal, such a large group of people will remember our small village and want to help us succeed. I asked her to share her experience with us.

Dechen Letter:

Yesterday it was very special and emotional day for me…

It was special because I saw documentary film made by a very famous person, Kilian Jornet, who was recording in Langtang just few days after the earthquake with Jordi Tosas who said loves Langtang very much and consider as his second home.  This release was in very big city, Barcelona, near where I live now.


I was emotional when I saw Langtang in big screen and i remember all my family members and villagers who lost their life in there. We could never forget 25th April, the day we lost almost all we couldn’t do anything for Langtang rather than crying for our love ones. But we still do have hope and now we have joined our hands to raise again.

I saw more than two thousand people in the cinema. When I saw all these though I had pain of loosing my love ones but I felt so proud to say that I am from Langtang and I can see there are lots of people who love and wanted to see our beautiful village raise again like we do…



Before starting the movie I thought I will cry till the end, but as the film started I felt being emotionally strong and I was with my other Spanish family whos loveone stayed in langtang with my mom and my villagers forever and we shared our emotions with each other and I am thankful to them too who still support Langtang so much and love the people of langtang more than we thought…


In the documentary , I saw that the way to go to Langtang was terrible and  earth was still shaking but they were making their own way and recorded all with their efforts. I can’t say how thankful I am to Kilian, Jordi and “Summits of my life” Team… For me and for all the Langtang people you all are the true heroes for us, we all respect you both a lot.

I saw some people of my village whom I can never meet again and some other whom I met before I came to Spain and with whom I cried a lot missing our loved ones…

I really liked the part in which they have compared the life of some of my villagers before and after the earthquake…they were singing and dancing with jordi and were enjoying their lives with cheerful before the earthquake and after the earthquake they were in yellow gumpa where all langtang people lived as refugees as they didn’t had any other place to stay and we are thankful to all lamas of yellow gumpa who gave us space and so much love…

This film was so special for me and I wish all the langtang people could watch this movie and can feel the love of all like I did.



Though you both were speaking in catalan but my heart was beating very fast when I heard the word Langtang from you two and I saw how much you both love Langtang…

Again I want to thank all for your hard work and hope we could return your favour with lots of love when you visit Langtang next time.


Also we will do get comments from some friends who was in this event:

Josep CarrizoA night of conflicting emotions at the premiere of Langtang. On the one hand the joy of being able to find people with whom I shared moments in Nepal, but on the other hand, a few images that fuel the sadness and impotence that still crawl from the back to the house. Thanks to Kilian Jornet, Jordi Tosas, Seb Montaz and the rest of the team “Summits of my life” for your work, but also to all those people who are still interested in helping the country of smiles. Life is a gift that not all we value.

Estibaliz– Yesterday was a day full of emotions but above all one was the most enriched me. Yesterday I met Dechen Lama, someone gave me something so big that I can not describe it. Someone who comes from a place so far away and yet decided to move forward, someone who shares a shame and a reality much harder to mine.
Someone who has decided to take the world in her back and fight but also running fast.
A big kiss and never change how you are, you are great.

Platform for families affected by the earthquake in Nepal– Yesterday was a very rewarding day, we met people who were encouraging us, empathizing with our reality, humans do not need to be near you to know they are with you.

Spanish Platform shared a long day, full of feelings and memories, but also to claim and struggle.
Jordi and Killian showed us the big they are, not as athletes but as human beings, doing an ambitious project and I hope that all your expectations are met. The presentation was a resounding success the room was filled with the poster No entries 1200 people made it happen.
For our part we again we announced that we are still here and as always …
We continue denouncing, we continue to expect ……. but do not give up.

Jordi TosasThere are rock-climbing routes that are strung while others you fall, there are mountains with summit and sometimes only attempts … mountain climbing we are proposing today not allowed to fail, we are confident that we will reach the summit … together, you are also in the roped !!

SOS HIMALAYA (María Climent)Today SOS Himalaya-Fundacion Iñaki Ochoa de Olza y Summits of my Life, de Kilian Jornet, they have launched a very ambitious project.

We want to build 116 houses in the Langtang Valley, which was completely buried under mud and rocks.
We will get it. SOS Himalaya Summits and the team, led for Kilian, embark on one of the toughest tasks that we have faced so far. Both collaborate in this ambitious project, but with our help, with the help of Kilian is not enough, we need your help, it is the most essential.
If everyone gets just 5 €, we can get, we can make more than 200 families to have the home they lost in the quake.
Only 1 € you do much.
The donation is published and will at all times how much is already achieved will go where.
Thanks Kilian, thank Jordi, the other George, Laura …. and all the people behind this and we can not name.
Thank you for having that heart so big, equal or perhaps greater than the challenges you succeed. We have no words.
When we do, together, we can see with our own eyes.
Nepal is suffering … Nepal need it.

In this link you can listen to an interview with Kilian and Maria Climent from SOS HIMALAYA.

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