Family shelter will be provided by Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V

Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V has came up with a beautiful project of providing “Family Shelter” to the injured and real needy families from Langtang. They have been helping many children of Langtang with the sponsorship from the past many years under specific children home, Mandala Children Home.

They are looking for a house to rent in Kathmandu or surrounding. They will provide shelter, food and someone to look after the injured and needy ones. The help will be provided just for the families who are helpless. And it will be as long as they can stand on their own feet.

Jürgen Richterich the founder of NGO has been so kind in diverting his help to these needy families. He has given first priorities to the family of Chumzo Tamang with 3 kids. She is injured in her backbone and as a consequence she´s not able to move. And to the family of Karchung Tamang, who has multiple fractures on her leg with extensive bone damage. He states that these needy families can get the help as long as they need. And for the others, he has to study the case of the family before providing the help.

We have to join him to support Langtang.

Facebook: Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V.

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