Handicraft by the heart of Langtang women

The women in from Langtang currently staying in Yellow Gumpa as a refugee are making handicraft products. They seems very happy to be able to work. They are beautiful women and they have got a magical hands. They will do materials like mufflers, gloves, hair bands, socks and many more.

When we have their final finished product we will sell them online through Sustainable Steps to Nepal and also through Langtang Disaster Relief Fund. So you will have the chance to feel the love of these women. The money we get by selling their product will be paid as the salary to them and also to buy materials..

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It is very important for them to earn their salary. They feel good if they can give something in return to the donation they get. The women are very hard working and they work 365 days a year like serving tourists by running small guest houses, working in the field, taking care of their kids. So it is significant to them to be able to feel util although they have nothing left, they are not in their houses, they don´t have control over what is going around. These women needs supports and love from all over the world.

This small knitting project which engage them in something is good so that they don´t have time to think about the pain. They are physically and emotionally very weak. In the camp they were so desperate that they started to think of leaving Nepal and going to Gulf countries as a caregiver. It is understandable that they think of it but they ignorant about risk and suffering of Nepalese women in Golf countries. It is actually banned for the women to go as a caregiver in these countries. It can be very dangerous for the women.

So we have to give our hands to these women. Together we can. And they have all our love.

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