Jornet, Tosas y Montaz with Langtang

The mountain racing champion Kilian Jornet with the climber Jordi Tosas and the french guide and cameraman Seb Montaz, landed in Nepal two days after the earthquake of April 25 to evaluate the situation in the valley of Langtang and lend their support throughout possible. “It is important to continue traveling to Nepal to boost its economy, rebuild towns and roads and that the population receives from tourism resources to survive,” says Jornet. “Compared to Langtang, Kathmandu has suffered little damage, it recovered quickly normal, but Langtang is gone,” says Tosas.


Jornet writes that the size of avalanches in Langtang were outsized and stresses the “amazing ability of Nepalis to address the problems, to be positive and resistant to pain.” “Now Nepal need help, they need a roof, especially in remote areas and before the imminent arrival of monsoon.”

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Sebastien Montaz says in the french Tf1News he wants to make a documentary with all the images recorded on Langtang and donate a portion of profits to an association called “Langtang Reconstruction”. In this video we can see some sections of the trail to Langtang, and we can see how difficult it is now.

Soon we can begin to rebuild our village and any help is welcome. We thank all who have shared some time with us and now are near, helping us to move forward.


If you want to read more in the facebook Post by Kilian Jornet.

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