Meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal

On 28th May two locals from langtang (Finjo and Temba)were able to get to Langtang village via helicopter along the Japanese woman who came up with the first hydro power project in Langtang long time ago. They went to see the situation of the area after devastating earthquake, because some of the villagers want to go up and they want to evaluate if it is safe.

Some shephards wants to go to Langtang just to look after their Yaks (Mountain cow). Most of the Yaks were washed away by avalanche. And the shephards wants to make sure to take the survived yaks to safer place. We have to keep into consideration that 40% of the locals used to make their living through yaks and farm. And now it is monsoon (rainy) and temperature is hugher. So yaks needs to be in the higher altitude.

Milking Yak

When these groups who went to see the situation get back to Kathmandu, they will decide if the Shephards can get to langtang. The Shepherds will try to go by foot to langtang. But if there is no any chances than they don’t have an alternative but to take helicopter. We hope the government of Nepal will be generous enough to arrange the helicopter to them.

The shephards will come down and stay in Kathmandu till the end of monsoon. When the roads to get to Shyabrubesi by bus is done and also way to go to Langtang by foot is ok after the rainy season, people will slowly try to move to Langtang and start the reconstruction. This is the only place they have known and this is the only way they have lived.

Just few days ago some people of langtang had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal to talk about the reconstruction. So, the government agreed to send some geologist and engineers to see which part of langtang is suitable for the reconstruction. But this plan will also be carried after monsoon.



On 27th May 2015 the families were provided with the death certificate of their beloved ones. The government promised to give 40 thousand Nepaese Rupees ( Equivalent to 400 Euro) to each family. But people didn’t received the money yet. They are waiting.

At the moment the survivors are still going through trauma. The earth doesn’t seems to stop shaking and sky doesn’t stop crying. People are having tough time.

We will keep you updated with all the news of Langtang. Yours comments and opinions will be gladly accepted and useful for us.

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