Nepal earthquake survivor 2015 helps Langtang

Matteo Ferracci an Italian guy was in Langtang on April 2015 when massive earthquake shook whole Nepal and swept whole village of Langtang. The village he was trekking and had lots of memories and the people he came a cross with disappeared in 5 minutes. He survived but what he saw with his eyes was captured in his heart.

When he returned back to Italy, he contacted me and wanted to help the people of langtang with whom he created an inseparable bond of humanity. On 26th June he organized a musical concert. He collected large sum of money which is transferred to Langtang Disaster and will be used for the reconstruction of the village.


I would like to thank on behalf of whole langtang people to these kind people. Thank you for showing so much love and giving hope us the hope, making us realize there is a light at the end of a tunnel.


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Muchas gracias!

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