Nepali Superstar Rajesh Hamal visits Langtang Refugee Camp

A visit of an evergreen living super star of Nepal Rajesh Hamal to Yellow Gumpa ,where the survivors of Langtang village are taking a temporary shelter added a big smile in the faces of these affected people.

Rajesh Hamal is a famous Nepali actor who has done more than 100 of Nepali movies. No Nepalese misses to watch his movies once it is in the cinema. Although many people from Langtang doesn´t undesratnd Nepali language and they speaks only Tibetan, they watches every movies of Rajesh Hamal. He is their ideal hero. Everyone dreams of taking a picture with him one day.

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So, when Rjesh Hamal visited the Langtang Refugee camp to give his helping hand, the people in the camp couldn´t believe who they are seeing. And I am sure the actor might have felt so good to know that these people who were going through very tough time were greeting him with smile in their faces. Rajesh made their day.

The queue to shake hand with actor was very long. The kids from 3 years old to the old people of 80 years were in the queue. When he left people didn´t stop talking about him, at least for a day. The man who was their hero in the movies to see him in person made their day. If Brad Pitt or Obhama visited the camp they would not be that excited because they don´t know them. But visit of Rajesh overwhelmed them.


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