Ies Monterroso Estepona

When I came back from Nepal after being with my family due to devastating earthquake in Nepal, the first thing I did was visiting the IES MONTERROSSO, where I graduated my faculty of Tourism. To my surprise there was already a fund raising campaign initiated by a group of students to support my village langtang which is totally washed away by avalanche.

I was touched by the beautiful thing that they were doing. They were presenting how Nepal was affected by an earthquake with pictures and videos. It was an appreciating work.

We, representing the families of Langtang would like to thank to all the students for their initiation, the teachers and the families who have participated and shared your kind heart with us. And kept us in your prayers. Every little penny will be used for the benefit of the needy ones.

We hope to see you and guide you one day to Nepal and show you how beautiful it is even after it has suffered. And you will certainly interact with the people of langtang and see their smile. Every big changes begins with little.


Thank you all.

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