On returning to my hometown Langtang

Today 27th August 2015, the meeting was held in Nepal Tourism Board office between the villagers of Langtang and the government of Nepal. The main theme of the meeting was the reconstruction of the trekking trail and the village of langtang in October.

In the reunion the head members of Nepal Tourism Board and the whole villagers of Langtang were present. The government presented thepresent condition of the way to Langtang to all the people. The government agreed to help Langtang as it was one of the main touristic area of Nepal.



The Chairman of Langtang Reconstruction Management Committee, Temba Lama spoke on behalf of langtang people. He stated ”We request the government of Nepal to allocate the budget to open the trail to Langtang. There are 20 different places from Sherpa Ghau to Langtang where the ways are totally damaged by the earthquake and later by the landslide. 15 Lakhs (15,000 US$) as government purposed for the ways to be re-opened is not enough. So this might at least need 70 to 90 Lakhs Nepalese Rupees ( Approximately 90,000 US$). If you provide us with the needed amount, we the member of Commitee of Langtang Reconstruction commit to make the way ready by the end of October.We also request the government to assign few powerful NGO´s to focus only to Langtang reconstruction. The villagers will be happy to work together with the NGO´s and the government. It is very important to know that till today langtang has not only been the place for the villagers, but it has also been an income source for the whole Nepal. From taxi drivers to the big hotels in Kathmandu has earned money from Langtang. Taking all this into consideration we request the collaboration from everyone to return us to Langtang. Thank you!”


Hope this meeting to be fruitful so that people of langtang can have their identity back.

Pasang ”Please join hands and help Langtang”.



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