Schools re-opens today after the earthquake

Normally the children loves when they don´t have to go to school, do their assignment, listen to the lectures of teaches, and many etc…. But today let us not forget about the kids of Nepal. Let us understand how hard time they are passing. Kids are desperate to go to school, meet and play with their friends, be in class and have a normal child life. They misses their books.

The buildings of many schools are broken down. Many students have their final exam of High School which we call in Nepal as a +2 exam. They are preparing for their exams in the middle of all the trauma they are going through. But yesterday there was another earthquake of 4.6, and trauma started again. Many schools which have their building in ok state have started their classes from today. But many still not.

The video down shows how the Morgan International Collage  where my own sisters Phurbu and Dechen along with many Langtang students attends is broken down after a second earthquake in Nepal:


The education system in Nepal is very different from the western world. The children put all their efforts in their study in Nepal. Most of the parents are illiterate so child doesn´t have anyone to help at home with their studies. Almost all the children from Langtang who are attending in the schools are sponsored. The sponsors pays a monthly schooling fees. So kids obligate themselves to come up with brilliant results/reports in the exams. They feel like it is their responsibility to return with good marks to their sponsors who have been so kind to pay their school fees with love.


In Yellow Gumpa where the Langtang people are currently taking shelter cries, panics, suffers, laughs, shares pain, misses their loved ones, gets out of tents when they listen just a small sound. Apart from all these issues and suffering, kids still gathers and talks about their schools. They are conscious that they have lost their village, family, they have no home to return in holidays while other students packs the bag to get their home. But they have the strong hope inside them that education might bring difference in their future. Definitely yes, education is the only pillar left for them.


The kids of Langtang will incorporate to their schools from next week. And yes many of them are in desperate needs to be sponsored.

If you are already a sponsor of someone or if you want to become sponsor, just know that you are the hope for these kids.


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