Spanish Civil Guard helps Langtang

There are many individuals, associations, NGOs and INGO’s to whom the  people of Langtang will always remain thankful to. One of those association is Guardias Civiles Solidarios AGCS .It is a association of Civil Guard from Granada (Spain). They are helping in Spain and also internationally.

On 5th of November, this association provided 116 warm blankets and 116 pressure cookers to the 116 families of Langtang. They bought the items from Kathmandu, reserved a bus to Shyabru Besi and got the items till the last point by themselves. This process eased the work for Langtang people. The families did not have to come to Kathmandu to get the blankets and pressure cookers. They just had to take from Shyabru Besi (The last village where you can arrive by bus to go to Langtang). The blankets and cookers are essential materials for the people in mountain.

The association did a very hard and continuous work to get the donation for Nepal. They organized various activities, food festivals to raise money. They are the sample to prove the sense of humanity. They are the example to show to the world that they not only protect their nation by being Civil Guards but for them whole world is a nation.



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