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As per indicated in our one post that on 16th and 17th April 2016 we were supposed to organize a two days event to reunite the families who have lost their loved ones in Langtang. The event was very successful for everyone who assisted and enjoyed.


On 16th April we projected various documentaries about Langtang in La Casa del Tibet. Thupten Wangchen La has been so grateful by providing us the conference hall to project documentaries. We are grateful to Kilian Jornet and  member of Summits of my life for giving us the right to project the documentary “ Langtang”, and to the Asociación de Medicina de Montaña José Ramón Morandeira for the documentary “Nepal 2015”.

A big thanks to Lourdes and Iza who dedicated their time and gave more than 100% in order to make the event happen. The soft hearted Lourdes and a great friend and professional singer Iza have organized the fest in the name of Langtang Disaster Relief Fund. They really comforted all the family members who who lost their loved ones. They took the responsibility not only organizing the event but also took care of the family members who were going through emotional pain. Iza and her group also played their beautiful music to entertain the people.

A special salute to the Honorary Consulate of Nepal in Barcelona Lluis Belvis who has eased the ways to Lourdes and Iza. It was an honor to have him on both the days. It is pleasing to know how much he loves and cares for Nepal. He always tend to promote tourism in Nepal. He voiced that “BEST WAY TO HELP NEPAL IS TO VISIT NEPAL”. Since I moved to Spain, Lluis was always there to help me and all the Nepalese. More than consulate he is a great friend to every Nepali.

There are many more people to thank who not only helped in the reunion but also travels and helps Nepal from the core of their heart, like Josep and Pep Masip. They were the first travelers to visit Langtang after the earthquake. They shared the journey with my dad and now they are a part of our family.


13012832_1183426318343444_1066742813356131141_nEkraj Giri an active member of NRNA (Non-Resident Nepali Association) voluntarily presented on both the events and also raised awareness about Visiting Nepal. On 17th April he came with his adorable daughter and a fine singer from Nepal who showed their performances by dancing and singing in a typical Nepalese culture. Thank you Ekraj and the team.

One of the finest Nepalese Retaurants in Barcelona Hola Nepal and Restaurante Potala offered themselves to serve Nepalese gastronomy during the event. Unfortunately due to bureaucracy issue we did not get the legal permission to make the people enjoy the varieties of Nepalese dishes. But we are hopeful for the next event. 

It is just surprising how destiny unites people. We are visitors on this earth. Everyone leaves before o later. So did my mom and many other loved ones who decided to be in Langtang surrounded by mountains for forever. But the families who are left behind and have gone through the same emptiness and shared the same pain united and formed a large family. Family members traveled all the way from Asturias to Barcelona to assist the event. Thank you Estibaliz, Sheila, Teresa, Sergio, Vicente, Helen and all the families and friends who assisted the event with so much grace. 

DSC00591On 17th April as the event took place in an open space Jardinets de Gràcia/Barcelona we were able to perform a significant funeral ceremony for the loved souls in a Buddhist Traditional way. The ceremony was full of prayers in the name of our beloved families. It is always bitter to bid farewell but in certain way it is ok. And it feels good when a great Lama performs the ceremony. 

Finally we are happy to announce that reached 30,000 Euro with the donations throughout the year 2015. Soon we will travel to Langtang and hand your help to the deserving people there. Your every penny will go to the people of Langtang. Thank you so much for your contribution. Each and every small help counts and will make a difference. Your love and constant effort to bring back the smile in the faces of people of Langtang people really worked. Thank you to Ana, Isa and Jesús who are the members of upcoming NGO “Nepal Sun Rise” who trusted us and donated 1.000€ during the event for the people of Langtang. 

DSC00437The reconstruction in Langtang has already started and we are hopeful that soon they can welcome everyone to their small Guest Houses with a big smile.

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