Karine and Chomo

It is with an emotionally loaded heart that I am writing the following lines in memory of my long-time friend from Langtang Village, the dearest and beloved Chhumo
This wonderful woman was introduced to me thru a common friend, 6 years ago. I fell in love with the way she smiled, her love for life, her joy of living and so we became immediately friends.


I had the joy of taking her with me on my numerous trekkings and so we did several times the Route to Jiri Gokyo, the Anapurna, Helambu, Gosakund and of course the Langtang Valley. She used to carry my backpack but she wasn’t only a Sherpa but more than anything else, Chhumo was my friend. I can truly pretend I’ve never experienced such friendship in Europe. She simply was a true person, she never did judge me or anybody but she gave me tenderness, she cared for me and she was a very sensitive human being. A kind of big sister, like the one I never had. I’ve lost more than a friend, I’ve lost my second half.
Chhumo has a daughter called Nyma. Her daddy was never there for her. He left home when Chummo became pregnant. Though she gave her the best love and education a mother can give. She was a proud mother, working hard in the country and in the fields. She was also a Sherpa from time to time and ran a Tea shop near Langtang. She was a strong and willing woman, always caring and looking after her daughter. Above all, she kept on smiling. Always.


We hiked together on the way to the Mera Peak at the end of March this year. It was unusually covered by a lot of snow. She was pretty scared, she slipped a lot and she used to tell me that we would never make it back to Langtang with all that snow. I then fell in a 6 meter deep crevasse while hiking on the Mera Peak. We were not tied by a rope and Chhumo broke in tears, afraid she wouldn’t see me again.

As we left each other on April 10th in Kathmandu, me heading for Tibet and Chhumo for Langtang, I never thought that this would be the last time I’d see my dear friend!
I feel somehow guilty for having gone to Tibet and having left you behind my friend. I love you and you will always be in my heart! Cchumo was a woman that didn’t need a man to live. She was a working woman and always looked for her daughter. And you can say she was successful, Nyma is a wonderful and remarkable daughter. She would be proud of her.
It has been an honour to know you Chhumo. Thank you.

With love, Karine



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