Langtang Youth Club

A group of young Langtang students formed a strong Youth Club to help their people in whatever they need. They are in the refugee camp at Yellow Gumpa, with other survivors of Langtang. They live there, they suffered with the villagers and at the same time helps their family to wipe their tears.

It is a great example that these young guys to take responsibility in bringing up their people and controlling the programs of thee community with proper and fair help to all, making sure that no one takes advantage of the tragic situation.

Everyone has lost someone. Their parents, brothers,  cousins ​​and friends … but they are not divided instead united. They are fighters and are very concerned with their projects.

Right now the daily survival in the camp is crucial, and these guys they are trying to give the real  critical image of langtang people in different NGOs  in Kathmandu and  gets lentils, rice and other foods to the people. They also organize a equal distribution of the donation like clothes, money etc to the people . They goes to the monatries and ask the help from monks/lamas to perform Tibetan rituals. Although the people of langtang have lost everything, it is still very important for the people to go on with their ceremonies.


They  accompany the injured people to the hospital and take care of them.

Many elderly people are suffering in the camp. They are not used to stay still and doing nothing. In addition to this there is still aftershakes   upto 5.3 magnitute … This perpetuates the feeling of anxiety of refugees who are still in the phase of recovery . Women and the elderly suffer from dehydration due to diarrhea and the bad weather, no way of getting out of tents due to rain resulting them  in loosing energy.

There are international and national helps in the yellow gumpa although it is small help. But the sensation of hope and smile  in the faces of these suffered people, when they see their own young villagers really do care and concern about them is just priceless. They are very happy and some says that it gives the seed of hope to rise, grow and return of tomorrows beautiful langtang

Not only for the villagers but these motivated young students are at your service 24 hours. You can contact them in Facebook- Langtang Youth Club.

If you need information or want to go to help the camp they are willing to accompany you and introduce you to the needy ones.



Many of these young guys have been to langtang last weeks in search of their loved ones.. They risked their lives to find the bodies of their relatives, even a pieces of clothes of their relatives and parents were important to them, . and they have been and they are going through very hard time. They have seen so many tragic things that it is just not ok for any young people to see.

Thank you so much to these group. You all are the future of Langtang!


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