Nepal allowed Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations

Tibetans in Kathmandu  in an unusually large number in the Nepali capital  honored the octogenarian Dalai lama´s birthday on July 6. The Tibetans and Buddhists in Nepal organized a series of events dedicated to  his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.


The Chief District Officer of Kathmandu has granted permission to the Tibetan representative’s office to organize the birthday celebrations of the Tibetan leader whose turning 80.

The decision to allow the celebrations comes as a big surprise for the Tibetans in Nepal who are used to frequent crackdown on public gatherings. Tibetans in Nepal were not allowed by the authorities to hold public events, including the birthday of Dalai Lama was banned since few year.



Under the good governance of Nepal government and understanding, Tibetans inside Nepal were once again granted to celebrate the 80th birthday of our spiritual leader under minimum pomps and ceremony with regards and prayers to the latest earthquake in Nepal.

The day was celebrated by performances from different schools and NTLA. And as always, the students and the dancers had the eyes of the audience pulled towards them and till the end of the day, everyone had had their share of joy and a good moment



A gathering of Tibetans, Buddhists from Nepalese community including Sherpas, Tamang, Walung, Dholpo and Mustang was held at the Namgyal High School football field.

China is slowly increasing its influence in the impoverished nation struck by a massive earthquakes earlier this year, leading to the death of thousands and several thousand rendered homeless.


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