The hand bands to Help Langtang

Few months ago MªCarmen, contacted me through facebook. She wanted to be infomed about the new projects and in what way she could contribute. She wanted to make sure that her help really goes directly to the people of Langtang in Nepal. After talking personally with her in telephone, she told me that she made hand bands which she was selling one euro each. And the money was to help my village which she thought was very noble motive.

On Thursday, 20th August, we met eachother and knew personally. We went to Mijas, a village in the south of Spain and it is just an hour drive from where we live. She was waiting with her husband and a bag full of Euros which weighted more than 5 kilos ! She saved all those euros and she has collected 1000 Euros. Wow! When she told me that she had sold 1000 hand bands, I thought it was incridible. I think with this contribution, we can realize that if you have a beautiful heart and your thoughts are simple and direct, you will surely get to your goal.



I really get touched when I see the people who really has their own problems in their surrounding but are able to think and help to one village which is in a far away land. MªCarmen explained us that she was so much connected to Nepal, she even thought of adopting a kid from Nepal. But unfortunately the burocracy didn´t made her way easy and she could not do that. But still she wishes to know Nepal one day and she will surely do that.

We had a lovely evening and this bond will last forever. I am so thankful to know people like you. You are great. We will go to Nepal and you will meet the lovely people from Langtang.

Thank you Mari Carmen and Juanjo.

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Muchas gracias!

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