Voluntarios para Langtang

Hola amigos. Hay muchas personas que nos han preguntado si pueden ir a Langtang para ayudar.

Pues queremos ofrecer la posibilidad de que cualquier persona inquieta que quiera ayudar al pueblo de Langtang con sus propias manos, directamente allí, pueda hacerlo.

El tema lo llevarán desde el Comité de Langtang con la ayuda de algún voluntario extranjero para poder coordinarse mejor. Puedes encontrar la info en la web del Comité y los mails de contactos son los siguientes:


Jeremiah Ramsey-

Lhakpa Tamang(+97798412546890)-

Muchas gracias Cris Hofmann por éste maravilloso vídeo:

The position as volunteer in Langtang is especially suitable for those who, apart from helping, like the mountains and want to learn and live the traditional daily life of a village in the Himalayas. In almost all cases it will end up being a unique experience of living with the locals that will create links that will last much longer than the volunteer experience itself.

Saying all of this; we do not want to give anybody any deceptions. Reconstruction has only just begun in earnest and the area that was ravaged by the earthquake is still a very difficult place to survive. Even the local people still do not have a clear workflow and all of the required infrastructure to supply food and accommodation. What I am trying to say is that life in the valley is still very hard and volunteers who decide to come should be people with some experience in the mountains and be prepared not to have the amenities that one might expect in their normal lives, it will be a very different experience compared to volunteers in an orphanage in Kathmandu for example…

Thank you again Cris for this intervew:

The people from Langtang have built small huts where they are living while cleaning debris from the land in preparation for planting or to start to build their new homes. Others are still living in tents that they have brought from the Yellow Gumpa camp. These shelters are temporary, but for many it will be their home for the next few years and this will also be the only type of shelter that can be offered to volunteers. No beds, no chairs, no toilets or showers … There is no privacy and often everything is full of smoke from the small fires inside the shelters. Normally the people sleep on the floor next to the kitchen and every day will be the same, the food will usually be very simple rice with lentils. All clothes will need to be hand washed. Life there can be difficult if you are not used to it … I explain all this because you need to be well prepared to help these people and live in a very basic way, If you are not ready then there is a chance that you could become a hindrance instead of a help.

However, in case of any difficulties you can always spend a few days at one of the Guest Houses where you can buy a good meal, have a hot shower and sleep in a comfortable room for a few days to recuperate. You can still relax because any money that is spent in the area is for the benefit of its people.

Although jobs can be found for anyone, it is important that among the volunteers who come a few are construction workers, carpenters or other specialists who can offer their expertise, and if they own their own tools that they can bring it will also be a huge help.


For many Western volunteers who want to help it should also be understood that, the “Nepali life style” can cause a few problems. The locals live at a leisurely pace and this can cause stress and anxiety amongst Western volunteers. As Westerners we want to achieve many things quickly and we strive to go forward and finish projects … It can be difficult but this mentality should be set aside, because in Langtang (and Nepal in general) everything takes time and there is no use getting angry or trying to pick up the pace, because it really is a distance race, not speed. If you try to sprint you are going to burn out and the eventual goal will not be achieved.

Finally, anyone who comes with genuine intentions to help will be welcomed with open arms in Langtang. See you soon, a hug!

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